KABUQ. arose from the desire to combine functionality and style. Cell phone chains have become an integral part of our daily wardrobe - a fashion accessory that we at KABUQ. have viewed them as such from the start.

Company founder Illy was enthusiastic about the idea of the cell phone chain right from the start. However, in their eyes the product had a shortcoming that no one on the market had solved in 2019. The cell phone chain was super practical with its straps, but sometimes these were super annoying. In addition, Illy was not very enthusiastic about the lace-like ribbons. So she worked on a more practical and stylish version.

KABUQ. Cell phone chains are made of real leather and adapt to any style without looking out of place. Whether sporty or elegant, a leather accessory immediately gives every outfit special value.

We source the leather from Germany and Europe. Our cell phone chains are still made and shipped by hand in our small studio in Bavaria.

With a constantly growing selection of now more than 30 chains, almost every color requirement is covered.