Collection: Mobile phone cases with a detachable strap to hang on

Discover our shop for leather phone straps for your iPhone
The smartphone chain has long since established itself as a must-have lifestyle accessory. The reason for this is simple: The mobile phone case with the strap is extremely practical and suitable for everyone.
Advantages of cell phone chains
The hanging smartphone case frees you from worrying about your mobile phone. At home, on the go or whenever you need it. Never miss an important call again because you can't find your mobile phone in your pocket and capture unforgettable snapshots without always having to hold your smartphone in your hand. Forget the worry of leaving your cell phone lying around, in the subway, while shopping or in the playground.
Cell phone chain more than just practical
With our mobile phone straps made of real leather, we offer you a premium alternative to the cord on your mobile phone. We think cell phone chains should not only be useful, but also stylish and match you and your outfit. After all, the smartphone necklace has become a fashion accessory. In our shop you will find cell phone chains in more than 20 colors. We carry mobile phone straps with a metallic finish, in a crocodile / snake look and made of the finest nappa leather.
Cell phone strap detachable
Our mobile phone straps are attached to the protective cover with two light snap hooks. So you can always take it off when you don't need the phone strap or just want to change the strap.